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Welcome to our TiNiBiZ CMS DEMO WebSite's Blog ! The Guest Book Page (gbook.php) was copied into a text editor, where it was modified into a Blog Page. It was then saved as blog.php and a Blog link was added to the Navigation by editing the Header (header.php) in the INCLUDES folder. You can "Blog" by editing this page (blog.php).

Blogger One - Otis Arron Schmakel - Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - otismo47@aol.com - Blog Post One - The Crafting of TiNiBiZ CMS has been a labor of love, and is largely a re-branding of OneFileCMS.....I am having fun with this DEMO by adding this Blog Page, for example.....I have also uploaded a lot of different background image graphics - just copy any one of them to bg.jpg to check out the DEMO WebSite with a new background !

Blog Post Two - I am also working on another DEMO WebSite, Galaria Beez, that I am currently crafting with the purpose of showing folks exactly what to do and how to do it, so that even the most inexperienced people, even children, can see how easy it is to have fun on the internet! You can get to Galaria Beez by clicking THIS LINK !

Blog Post Three - Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - Connie Talbot's Eighteenth Birthday ! - Now, it is all about THE MONEY : Translate Band, which is For Rent; and also FOR SALE ! You can get to Translate Band by clicking THIS LINK !

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This is an example PHP website, just to give you an idea of how TiNiBiZ CMS can work. Of course, it can be used to power websites much, much bigger than this. Otismo Web Design is ready to work with you in customizing your own TiNiBiZ CMS website. Meanwhile, please feel free to play with this installation and use your imagination! The first thing to do is to click on the "TBAdmin" link in the footer on the lower right, and Login to TiNiBiZ CMS Admin DEMO - this is your "Back End Console" or "Control Panel", where you will personally Take Control over both the Content and the Look and Feel of Your Own WebSite - the username is demo and the password is demo - Have Fun!

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Here at TiNiBiZ we are CMS Pros

"We like to keep things short and sweet and simple."

Instead of non-functional bloatware, we will help you select a CMS for your Website

that will be the BEST possible fit, and will not give YOU the fits !

You are sure to want to Download your own copy of TiNiBiZ CMS to have fun with once you see just how easy it is! If you have not yet done so, Login to TBAdmin: the username is demo and the password is demo - TBAdmin is where you have all the Fun and Satisfaction of managing Your Own WebSite !