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Welcome to our TiNiBiZ CMS DEMO WebSite! This is an example PHP website, just to give you an idea of how TiNiBiZ CMS can work. Of course, it can be used to power websites much, much bigger than this. Otismo Web Design is ready to work with you in customizing your own TiNiBiZ CMS website. Meanwhile, please feel free to play with this installation and use your imagination! The first thing to do is to click on the "TBAdmin" link in the footer on the lower right, and Login to TiNiBiZ CMS Admin - this is your "Back End Console" or "Control Panel", where you will personally Take Control over both the Content and the Look and Feel of Your Own WebSite - the username is demo and the password is demo - Have Fun!


Content Management Systems

Tini CMSs

Here at TiNiBiZ we are CMS Pros

"We like to keep things short and sweet and simple."

Instead of non-functional bloatware, we will help you select a CMS for your Website

that will be the BEST possible fit, and will not give YOU the fits !

Web Hosting


Web Address Shortening

Tini URLs

Here at TiNiBiZ we do Web Address Shortening - Correctly:

"We make things Easy to Remember - Because things are so easy to forget !"

Instead of an auto-generated batch of goo, we will help you select a memorable address

that will insure your being able to find your stuff anywhere on the internet !


Custom Internet Addresses

Tini ADDYs

Here at TiNiBiZ we also do Custom Internet Email and Web Addresses !

TiNiBiZ is only one of MANY Custom Internet Solutions you can choose from !

We also are a Designer Email and Web Address Boutique -

You are certain to find the address that you like best at our Emporium !

Browse over to our Main Website to see all the goodies !

"Ya Go To US - cause we get ya where ya want to go !"

You are sure to want to Download your own copy of TiNiBiZ CMS to have fun with once you see just how easy it is! If you have not yet done so, Login to TBAdmin: the username is demo and the password is demo - TBAdmin is where you have all the Fun and Satisfaction of managing Your Own WebSite !