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Where is the integrated WYSIWYG EDITOR? What about syntax highlighting?

The Beauty of TiNiBiZ CMS is that you can Customize it to suit Yourself. About halfway through, look for this line (If you are searching for it, it is the second instance):

    // EDIT

This is the edit page code. Its text areas can be modified to work with whatever editor you like. If the editor is initiated via jQuery, you can call it in the jQ code in the footer.

Syntax highlighting is more likely to come in future versions.....or is something that you can add yourself. Actually, TiNiBiZ CMS, while itself is something of a stand-alone novelty, is really a starting point for a whole lot of Future Systems Integration.....

This is basically just a file manager with a text editor. Why then is this being called a Content Management System?

Because "TiNiBiZ File Manager Text Editor" does not quite have the same ring to it; however, as the on-going effort continues to add ever-increasing functionality and robustness to something that began its existence as a novelty item, people in the Future will wonder why something resembling the HOLOdeck on Star Trek was ever called a "content management system".

Multi-Language Support?

Maybe later! O.K. O.K. O.K. Talk to me.....

Can I have more than one username/password?

The reason there is no default support for multiple users is that all of their info will have to be stored together, more or less in plain text, at the top of tinibizcms.php. Giving people different usernames and passwords then is sort of futile, since everyone who can log in can view tinibizcms's source and config variables. (This answer kind of ignores MD5 hashes but is valid for most considerations.)

Is the JavaScript at the end of file really needed?

When I remove it, everything works just fine.

It is not entirely necessary, but it does nice little progressive enhancements like warn if you try to leave w/o saving and stuff like that. Feel free to take it out if you are trying to trim down your figure, aiming for a smaller footprint.....
(TiNiBiZ CMS may evolve in the direction of Java/Ajax/WhoKnows?)

Hey, I have this big burning Question!

I am Quite Sure belongs in this FAQ.....


TiNiBiZ CMS v1.1.1
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Bookmark the TiNiBiZ CMS WebSite and feel free to Contact Us! We will be pleased to answer your questions and address your concerns! So download TiNiBiZ CMS and check it out; it is intuitive, self-explanatory, and we KNOW it is just a whole lot of fun, so we are SURE you will be very well pleased! TiNiBiZ CMS is a flat, light, tight, one file CMS (Content Management System) entirely contained in an easy-to-implement, highly customizable, database-less PHP script.

Coupling a utilitarian code editor with all the basic necessities of an FTP application, TiNiBiZ CMS can maintain a whole website completely in-browser without any external programs.

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About TiNiBiZ CMS

TiNiBiZ LogoTiNiBiZ CMS is one of the Internet Businesses in the TiNiBiZ Portfolio of Internet Businesses; specializing in Content Management Systems and things necessarily related to them. Content Management Systems, or CMSs, are designed to deal with the details of modern, dynamically interactive websites, right in the current moment. The idea is to thusly empower users, leaving them free to focus most of their time on managing their WebSite Content , as well as the OnLine Communities that tend to develop around carefully managed content that is also Presented Very Well.

The idea also involves Freeing Up the Time of the highly paid staff in the Information Technology Department so that they can properly be dealing with Mission Critical Enterprise I.T. Issues like they used to before they ended up spending most of thier time maintaining and updating static web pages, reflecting the hunger of the marketplace for Real Time Dynamically Updated Content. Content is King in Today's Modern OnLine Internet Environment.

TiNiBiZ CMS can implement, for its clients, an Internet Presence ranging from the tiniest (and highly effective) blogs, forums, and bulletin boards right on through medium sized online shops, stores, and commercial endeavors all the way up to the very large scale enterprise level. We will be most happy to take you on a Guided Tour of the Possibilities; please feel free to contact us regarding your interest.

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