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Settings are Rudimentary

Future versions of TiNiBiZ CMS will have a much-improved settings process. For now, though, you will find all the information on settings you need RIGHT HERE.


Please feel free to download TiNiBiZ CMS and check it out ! Just make sure you read the license before you go using it commercially or making modifications !

tinibizcms.zipTiNiBiZ CMS CORE only10kb48kb30
tinibizcms_site.zipTiNiBiZ CMS with example PHP website76kb208kb332
tinibizcmsT1.zipTiNiBiZ CMS ported to Designer Template "Organic Impressions"996kb1.34mb805
tinibizcmsT2.zipTiNiBiZ CMS ported to Designer Template "Technology Blog"75kb216kb302
tinibizcmsT2PSD.zipSame as above including editable PSD files466kb1.42mb333
tinibizcmsT2OE.zipThe Omaha Edition of TiNiBiZ CMS ported to Designer Template "Technology Blog"103kb232kb302
tinibizcmsT2ME.zipThe Minneapolis Edition of TiNiBiZ CMS ported to Designer Template "Technology Blog"103kb232kb302


TiNiBiZ CMS is so easy to install, you will be amazed at how simple it is to install, setup and customize your new website!

  1. After downloading the file, unzip it, and open its contents (tinibizcms.php) in a code editor.
  2. Find these lines below the intro text:
    $config_username = "username";
    $config_password = "password";
    $config_hint = "your hint here";
    $config_title = "TiNiBiZ CMS Admin";
    $config_footer = "Copyright 2011 by TiNiBiZ | Web Design by Otismo Web Design | Web Site Powered by TiNiBiZ CMS | ";
    $config_disabled = "bmp,ico,gif,jpg,png,psd,zip";
    $config_excluded = "tinibizcms.php,favicon,.htaccess";
  3. Change "username" and "password" to what you'd like them to be, keeping the quote marks.
  4. Optional: Add a hint for if/when people get stuck. Don't make it too obvious!
    Example: "$config_hint = "favorite author";"
  5. Optional: Change the admin title, "TiNiBiZ CMS Admin," to something else.
    Example: "$config_title = "Your Web Site Admin";"
  6. Optional: Re-brand the footer text.
    Example: "$config_footer = "2011 Your Web Site | Designed by Your Name";"
  7. Optional: Specify which file extensions to disable from being edited and which files to be excluded from the index. $config_disabled is extension type; $config_excluded is any part of the filename. By default, all conventional images and zips are disabled, and tinibizcms, favicons, and .htaccess are excluded from the index.
  8. Save!
  9. Optional: Rename "tinibizcms.php" to something else. (If you'd like it to still be excluded from the index, redo step 7.)
    Example: "admin.php"
  10. Save!

  11. Farther down find this line between :
    //- AND -
    // COPY FILE
  12. (code)http://yourURL.com/index.php(code)Visit Site(code) |

  13. This is the Visit Site link to your new website; it has to be "hard coded" to your website's URL.
  14. Save!

  15. When you are finally finished editing tinibizcms.php - upload the saved file to the root folder of your website.

Depending on how your webspace is set up, you may also have to modify the file permissions of your site's folders to allow TiNiBiZ CMS to modify and create files. (More about that here.) Make sure tinibizcms.php and its parent folder are allowed to execute, with CHMOD at 777 and 755. Check with your host if you're not sure.

Yay! Now you can visit http://yourURL.com/tinibizcms.php (or whatever you renamed it to) and manage your whole site from there. Incredible!


To upgrade your installation of TiNiBiZ CMS, simply swap out the configuration info detailed above and upload the new file, replacing the old one.

Edit the Sample Website Files

The Sample Website installation files of TiNiBiZ CMS can all be edited. In this manner TiNiBiZ CMS can be modded, customized, re-branded, etc. Start out by checking out the sample website with different backgrounds. Go to your Images Folder, where you will find sunf.jpg, orig.jpg, heal.jpg, ltan.jpg, dtan.jpg, fade.jpg, and pink.jpg; copy any one of them to bg.jpg (your original background was probably pink.jpg). Silk Icons are hosted at tini.biz - to change this edit the 13 hard-coded URL's in TBstyle.css. You can have a lot of fun with graphics, but the things you want to learn to edit are PHP and CSS files. In addition to the Main File, tinibizcms.php; index.php, one.php, two.php and three.php can also be edited. Especially do not forget to edit header.php and footer.php in your INCLUDES Folder. If you know how or learn how Cascading Style Sheets work, you can have more fun editing these as well. The file style.css pertains to the Sample Website; TBstyle.css relates to tinibizcms.php - the "content management" back end or administration "control panel" of your website; go ahead, brand them with your Own STYLE! Finally be sure to upload your very own FAVICONS!

DEMO WebSites

The idea here is to create a lot of fun demo websites for folks to enjoy surfing to; these demo sites will form the Core Content of cms.tini.biz - right now all the DEMO links are to our main DEMO WebSite. Visitors to the main demo site can currently change background images for the site; sign in to the Guest Book; be a Blogger on the Blog; and edit a generic web page, creating their Very Own Web Page: first, create a new empty file with your own unique filename; next, edit a generic web page which will serve as a template; then, copy your finished page (without saving, to preserve the generic page) and open your new file in the editor (by clicking on it) and paste your finished edit into your own (empty) file; finally, SAVE! We want folks to show off their pages on our site, so do not forget to link to your page in the navigation by editing header.php in the INCLUDES Folder !

We also have another DEMO WebSite, Galaria Beez, that we are currently crafting with the purpose of showing folks exactly what to do and how to do it, so that even the most inexperienced people, even children, can see how easy it is to have fun on the internet! You can get to Galaria Beez by clicking THIS LINK ! Especially if you are new to all this, concentrate on acquiring skills at our main demo site and at Galaria Beez. When you are comfortable editing pages, be sure to download our latest offering : TiNiBiZ CMS ported to a Designer Template !

Keep Checking the TiNiBiZ CMS DEMO

For some inspiration on what you can do with your new TiNiBiZ CMS Web Site - Keep Checking the TiNiBiZ CMS DEMO - we are really creative and want you to have a Web Site that you are very well pleased with! So Bookmark the TiNiBiZ CMS WebSite!

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We specialize in Custom Graphics like the favicon, Logo, and bookmark anigifs on this page!

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TiNiBiZ LogoTiNiBiZ CMS is one of the Internet Businesses in the TiNiBiZ Portfolio of Internet Businesses; specializing in Content Management Systems and things necessarily related to them. Content Management Systems, or CMSs, are designed to deal with the details of modern, dynamically interactive websites, right in the current moment. The idea is to thusly empower users, leaving them free to focus most of their time on managing their WebSite Content , as well as the OnLine Communities that tend to develop around carefully managed content that is also Presented Very Well.

The idea also involves Freeing Up the Time of the highly paid staff in the Information Technology Department so that they can properly be dealing with Mission Critical Enterprise I.T. Issues like they used to before they ended up spending most of thier time maintaining and updating static web pages, reflecting the hunger of the marketplace for Real Time Dynamically Updated Content. Content is King in Today's Modern OnLine Internet Environment.

TiNiBiZ CMS can implement, for its clients, an Internet Presence ranging from the tiniest (and highly effective) blogs, forums, and bulletin boards right on through medium sized online shops, stores, and commercial endeavors all the way up to the very large scale enterprise level. We will be most happy to take you on a Guided Tour of the Possibilities; please feel free to contact us regarding your interest.

TiNiBiZ is a Portal or Gateway to an amazing array of small businesses, many of which are sure to be of interest to you, so feel free to browse away and shop - till - ya - drop!

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